I'm always interested in talking, getting to know you and your vision and hopefully working with you.

These are the services I offer:

Photography | Content Creation

As a photographer, my job is to create the attractive content needed by clients in order to market their business and target consumers. My style can be described as very 'realistic' so you know the end result will be very balanced. Available worldwide to visit your location at your business/restaurant/café.

Social Media Management & Consulting

This process involves creating content, preparing this content for a target audience, scheduling it for social media channels and engaging with your audience online. I can help you bring in new customers and retain loyal ones.

Prop & Object Styling

I am responsible for everything that you see in a shot. I create an attractive layout so that the image is catchy and straight to the point. I style and arrange props/objects so that the products being promoted look 'good' in front of a potential consumer.

Interested in more? This is what I can also do for you:

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hola, i'm juan!

I was born in Madrid, Spain but moved to Edinburgh in Scotland when I was 11 years old. My love for content creation and photography started when my family and I began to travel and I would always be in charge of taking the family photos. Moving on from the good ol’ days, my preferences have developed and I now, presently enjoy curating...